Yoga Burn Review

How can Yoga help me?

Do you want to:-

  • Lose weight?
  • Improve your body shape?
  • Feel fitter and more flexible?

If you want to achieve any, or all of these things, Yoga can help you.

Yoga was developed in ancient India, as a whole system of philosophy that included meditation and exercise to improve mind and body.

You can embrace Yoga as a whole. It could change your entire life.

If you are just looking for an exercise system that will enable you to achieve your goals, Yoga offers this too.

Start Slowly – No frenetic leaping about!

Many exercise systems give you the feeling that you need to be fit before you start.  With Yoga you start gradually and build up at your own pace.

Yoga exercises are based on adopting a series of poses and holding the position for a period of time. The act of holding a pose causes muscles to burn energy, while stretching them and exercising your joints and the same time. Holding a positions challenges the  muscles as much as faster or more vigorous exercise, and over time will help to reshape your body.

This is a Yoga position – its called “The Mountain”. As you can see, this is something most of us can achieve.

If you really stretch,  holding this pose for 10 to 12 breaths will start to feel like an effort. This is the purpose of the pose. If your muscles start to shake, then it is definitely working!!

Never be put off by the fact that most illustrations and videos about Yoga feature slim, fit models. The point of Yoga is that anyone can do it. If you keep it up then you will start to develop that body shape you aspire to.


How can Yoga help me to lose weight?

In this picture the red muscles are being stretched. This simple pose causes your muscles to burn energy in order to keep the position. Hold this pose for a while and you will start to feel tired. This is a sure sign that your muscles are using energy. This energy comes from burning fat. In fact the more muscle you develop, the more calories your body will burn every day.


Yoga for the 21st Century Woman

Yoga Burn is a modern, highly tuned system of exercises derived from the ancient Indian art and philosophy of Yoga.
We’ve all heard of Yoga, and most people associate it with meditating in the lotus position, or with halls full of sweaty mats and leotards – but these exercises developed with the calm control of yoga at their heart, are a route to an improved body shape and general fitness, that you can do under your own control, and in the comfort of your own home.

No Need to go  to Classes

Classes may be great for some people who have the time, and enjoy the camaraderie.
But for the woman with a busy schedule, or for the shy beginner they can be tough. If you are unhappy with your body shape and you want to take action to change it, you may well prefer to do this in the comfort of your own home.
If you have a busy life, exercise is something you will need to fit in with your schedule.

Your Personal Trainer inYour own Home

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a highly successful and experienced certified instructor, personal trainer and female fitness expert, who has developed a system of exercise that you can take at your own pace, where and when you want.

You can download the videos to your desktop, laptop or mobile device, whatever works best for you. As you learn to perform each movement properly the challenge increases, but only when your body is ready.

Lose Weight without Dieting

Exercise is the most important element of any fitness/weight-loss regime. Yoga Burn reshapes your body, increases your fitness and helps you to lose weight in the healthiest way – without any faddy diets. However, remember, a healthy diet is still important for a healthy mind and body.

What Makes Yoga Burn Different ?

Yoga Burn exercises have been designed for maximum fat burning and body shaping results, specifically for this program. It is tailor made for the modern woman and her hectic lifestyle to get results in the shortest time possible, but without putting you, or your body under strain.

Who is Yoga Burn for?

  • Women from all walks of life who want to follow a structured programme to improve their fitness and lose weight
  • Those who don’t have time to go to classes or would prefer to exercise in privacy
  • Women who want to be in control of their fitness regime
  • Those who want to feel and look healthier
  • Women who want to keep fit during pregnancy – there are modifications of the exercises for all stages of pregnancy.

Is Yoga Burn Expensive?

Yoga Burn starts at $37 which gives you access to download the course, and you will also receive it on disc, so you have a physical copy if you want to play it through your TV.

Is there a “Money Back” option?

The program has  60 day 100% money back guarantee.

How do I get the Yoga Burn Program?

You can read more/buy the program here…